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Citing Sources: NoodleTools

This guide indicates the appropriate form for layout, in-text citations, and bibliography for MLA, APA, and Chicago formatted papers.

About NoodleTools

NoodleTools can be used to write your paper. It provides tools for note-taking, outlining, and document annotation. You can also share a project with a group or with your teacher. It is also a citation maker.

NoodleTools is a tool that will guide you through the process of creating citations correctly in a variety of different styles. At St. Paul’s, you will have the opportunity to use three citation styles: APA, Chicago, and MLA.

There are many citations makers available for you to use. Be aware the quality varies. If you choose to use one of the free versions you are responsible  for ensuring the format is correct  St. Paul’s uses Noodletools because it is similar to RefWorks, which is the most common citation maker used in universities. You can create a citation by filling in the fields provided or by using Quick Cite. Quick Cite allows you to copy and paste a citation found in a database or a website. Please note that you must make the changes needed to ensure that the citation is correct by following the example provided for you.

Creating a NoodleTools Account