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St. Paul's High School Archives: Crusader Football: The Early Years

Information about St. Paul's Archives and virtual displays created to support physical displays

Navigating the Exhibition

Welcome to the exhibition, Crusaders Football: The Early Years, which explores the first five decades of Crusaders Football at St. Paul's High School. To navigate through the exhibition sections, click the "Next" button at the bottom of each page or click on the section heading in the Exhibition Index at the left of the page.

This virtual exhibition was created to supplement the exhibition, Crusaders Football: The Early Years, which is to be installed at the high school in the Spring of 2020. Both exhibitions explore the early history of the athletic program at the school from 1931 to 1979. This era encompasses the origins of the football program, through years of victory and loss, to decades of rebuilding. Through this history, the foundations and traditions of Crusaders Football are revealed.

A sequel to this exhibition focusing on the history of Crusaders Football from 1980 - present will follow. 

For more information about this project or the archives, please contact St. Paul's High School Archive at